About me and my work

My 100 pots project is a self directed 2 year personal challenge to throw 100 larger pots in 100 weeks. My project will run from January 2019 – December 2020. I created this project to increase my skills of throwing large through repetition and practice and to focus myself and commit myself to becoming a large pot potter. I will be documenting my progress on Instagram and Facebook to share. 

North Carolina Ceramic Arts Festival:
In 2016 I along with 4 other potters who all met and worked at a community studio, The Village Potters, decided to start a show to celebrate the immense diversity and volume of ceramic art in our area. Each year we hope to grow our show and dedicate our time to bringing together clay artists of diverse backgrounds, experience levels, and disciplines - from potters and sculptors to jewelers and tile makers - in a festival encouraging new conversations, community, and connections as well as business growth and sustainability. 

I graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a Masters of Education in Visual Arts in 2011. Since then I have devoted my time to learning the craft of ceramic art so that I can improve my own body of work as well as share what I learn with others around me. I have had the pleasure of teaching in my home town at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery as well as in my new home in Asheville, NC at The Village Potters Teaching and Clay Center. If you are interested in taking any classes with me, I am honored! You can hear about classes on my Instagram and Facebook pages or contact The Village Potters for information. If there is a specific topic related to my work you are interested in learning, please let me know. I am always looking for new workshop topics to teach.

When I knew I wanted to start my own pottery business, I knew apprenticeships would be the path for me. My husband and I moved to Asheville from NY for many reasons, but a big reason for me was the abundant apprenticeship opportunities in the area. I apprenticed with Hank Goodman at Hank Goodman Stoneware, Maud Boleman at Black Mountain Studios, Cathy Gerson at Cathy Gerson Studios, and the wonderful women lead by Sarah Wells Rolland at The Village Potters Teaching and Clay Center. I learned invaluable lessons to improve my work and run my own business and made lasting relationships that I am thankful for every day. 

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